"9 out of 10 Yoga practitioners in North America buy yoga clothing made with polyester and nylon. Almost 50% of Yoga Mats sold globally are made from PVC.  These plastics are toxic and non-biodegradable, persisting as an environmental burden for hundreds of years.  We have alternatives.  Together we can create change now."  David Procyshyn , Founder

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The Facts About Plastics in Yoga Today

Yoga Clothing

83 million items of yoga clothing are purchased yearly in the USA alone.

90% of yoga practitioners buy yoga clothing made from synthetics.
500,000 tonnes of plastic microfibers are released globally each year.

Microplastics can lead to infections, reproductive problems and starvation in wildlife.

One polyester-clad yogi who practices 4 times per week and washes their clothes after each use releases 374,000 plastic microfibers into the environment each year.

Yoga Mats

36 million yoga mats are purchased globally each year.

48% of yoga mats sold, around 17 Million, are made from PVC.

There is no other plastic that is as toxic as PVC for the environment and our health.

PVC contains many toxic chemicals, including dioxins, phthalates, lead and cadmium.

PVC leaches chemicals into the environment throughout its lifecycle.

PVC is difficult to recycle and takes many lifetimes to biodegrade.

For More Information check out the article: "Be Good to the Planet - The Environmental Impact of Yoga Mats"


The vast majority of yoga companies ship with plastic packaging.

These single-use plastics are pervasive in the industry while many alternatives exist.

Can You Practice Without Plastic?


David Procyshyn, Founder 

DoYogaWithMe & Plastic-Free Yoga Revolution

DoYogaWithMe.com is a social purpose and mission-based yoga business and community of over 200,000 yoga-loving members. DoYogaWithMe’s mission is to make online yoga accessible to all and to bring together a community that is driven to help shift our planet toward more sustainable practices.

About the Movement

The Solution is Simple! Just a Few Easy Steps

1. Buy less stuff. 

2. Buy from our growing list of eco-friendly yoga clothing companies.  You can see many of these partners listed above.  They are dedicated to sustainability in all aspects of the supply chain.

3. Buy mats from our 
yoga mat review or our growing list of eco-friendly yoga mat companies. 

4. Challenge others to practice without plastic!  Share this page on Facebook and your other favourite Social Media channels using the #plasticfreeyogarevolution.

5. Keep yoga companies accountable by posting unboxing videos of their products.  Be sure to tag #plasticfreeyogaunbox.

6. Share your favourite eco-friendly yoga company with us on our new "Can You Practice Without Plastic?" forum thread.

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Taking Action TODAY!

EVERYONE:  Your Call to Action!

* Only buy a mat if you really need one.
* Recycle or re-purpose your old mat. 

 Yoga Students 

* Purchase a new, eco-friendly yoga mat from our yoga mat review article. 

Yoga Studios 

* Only buy or sell eco-friendly yoga mats. 

Yoga Businesses 

* Commit to removing plastic yoga mats from your product list.
* Ship without plastic packaging.


* Contact us if you would like to join forces.

Let's Start with Yoga Mats!

Goal #1: Recycle or re-purpose old yoga mats

Goal #2: Reduce the production of yoga mats that contain harmful plastics.

*We aren't aware of any facility that recycles yoga mats.  If there is one near you please let us know and we'll maintain and publish a list.

300M: # of global yoga practitioners. 

$80B: amount spent globally on yoga/year.

Plastics are toxic for all marine life, from plankton to large mammals, leaching toxic additives, picking up contaminants, killing wildlife.